The Missteps of Tree Cutting: Techniques That Just Don’t Make the Cut

Most homeowners and property managers think that hiring a professional tree cutting service will take care of the tree-removal process. However, in an attempt to find new techniques or save costs, some have experimented with unusual methods of cutting down trees. These unconventional practices are often ill-advised and can result in harm to people, property, and the environment.

From DIY hacks involving chemicals to ‘guru’ recommendations that swear by ancient practices, these alternative methods distract from the efficacy of tried and true tree-cutting methods. Below are several unusual techniques that have surfaced and why they typically do not work, as well as professional service.

Unconventional Tree-Cutting Methods Gone Wrong

Attempting to reinvent the wheel when it comes down to cutting trees can lead to disastrous outcomes. Here’s why some off-beat methods are ineffective:

  • Dousing with Chemicals: Some believe chemicals can kill a tree slowly, making it easier to remove. However, this not only harms the surrounding ecosystem but is also an unreliable method for tree removal.
  • Cutting Roots Only: A few brave souls have tried cutting only the roots, hoping that the tree will fall on its own. This is extremely dangerous and unpredictable.
  • Tying Down with Ropes: There are instances where people tie ropes around trees and pull them down using vehicles. This can result in uncontrolled falls or severe accidents.
  • Burning: Setting a fire at the base of a tree is not just illegal in many areas; it’s uncontrollable and poses serious fire risks.

Ineffective techniques often stem from misconceptions about saving time or cost, but safety and efficiency should never be compromised for such trials. These attempts diverge significantly from practices established by professional arborists who use research-backed methods and specialized equipment.

Contacting The Tree Cutting Service Professionals

Instead of these precarious attempts, it’s vital to opt for reliable tree cutting services. For residents looking for safe and efficient tree management services in Orleans, VT, NEK Tree Workz LLC stands ready with expert solutions you can trust. Reach out today at (802) 213-3773 for assistance tailored specifically to your arboricultural needs—and leave those unusual methods behind where they belong: outside of your yard work plan!

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