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Top Signs Your Trees Need to Be Checked

Do you want to keep your trees healthy and vibrant for years? Regular maintenance is key to ensuring the longevity of your landscape. But when should you get them checked? Knowing the signs that indicate a tree needs attention can help you prevent issues before they become serious problems. Here are some top signs indicating your trees may need professional and quality tree services.

Aesthetic Changes

Dead or dying branches, yellowing leaves, and discoloration can all be signs of an unhealthy tree. Discoloration can also occur if the soil is not nourishing enough for your tree. The presence of fungi, mushrooms, and moss on the bark may indicate an issue. It’s important to check your tree regularly and pay close attention to any changes in its appearance.


Fungi near the roots of a tree can indicate poor health, especially when accompanied by other signs such as wilting leaves or discoloration. Fungus is caused by a variety of sources, including poor soil, pests, or disease, and should be examined by a professional.


Insect infestations can cause serious damage to trees if left untreated for too long. Look for small holes in the bark or sap leaking from the trunk. These are signs of a potential infestation and should be investigated immediately. Keep an eye out for signs of infestation such as holes, sawdust, or sap leaking from the bark.

Unusual Growth Patterns

Trees may experience significant changes in growth patterns for a variety of reasons, including too much shade or lack of water. Get your trees checked if you notice any drastic changes in their size, shape, or new growth.

Storm Damage

Strong winds and heavy rain can damage trees that may already be weakened by insects and fungus. Check for signs of broken branches or uprooting after a storm and enlist the help of a professional tree inspector if necessary.

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