Trees That Are Invasive to Your Property According to Tree Service Experts

Trees That Are Aggressive and Invasive

Your yard, garden, and any plant that gets in their way can all suffer damage from invasive trees. To prevent any harm being done to your plants and property, it is crucial to identify these trees as soon as possible. Here are a few invasive trees to be on the lookout for that every professional tree service wants you to know.

Blue Gum Eucalyptus

In warm regions, the blue-gum eucalyptus tree, also known as the common eucalyptus tree, will proliferate. This can be particularly problematic because it is highly combustible and can lead to issues in locations like California, which is prone to wildfires. It has evolved, much like other trees, and after being exposed to fire, it releases seeds. Even if the tree has been burned or cut down, it can still grow back.

Common Buckthorn

This dioecious plant can be a huge tree or a small plant. It is also known as “purging buckthorn,” “buckthorn, or “European buckthorn.” Birds enjoy the fruit and disperse the seeds, but they also self-seed wildly. Eliminating common buckthorn is challenging. Even if you try to chop it down or burn it, it will still be able to grow again and send out new shoots. After the stump has been removed or burned, you can help control its growth by spraying it with a herbicide like glyphosate.


This native of Australia, also known by the names Cajeput or broad-leaved tea tree, produces a lot of seeds in its fruits, which are particularly liked by birds. This is where tea tree oil comes from. In natural medicine, melaleuca is used in a variety of ways, although a single tree can generate 20 million seeds in a single year. Wind and water disperse seed. Florida views it as a particularly dangerous herb.

Norway Maple

The urban landscape frequently has this type of maple. It has gotten invasive over time as it has spread. It thrives in the shade and can cause issues for the native plants below, which makes it a nuisance for forests. Furthermore, the shallow roots might heave or cause cracks in driveways and sidewalks. They are also susceptible to illnesses. To experience the wonderful color changes of maples in the fall, plant one of the other varieties of maple instead.

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